Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day!

If you click on the images you will be able to see super large versions with tons of details. :)

In honor of earth day I thought I would share a few pics taken last summer at Brookfield Zoo. I love nature photos and had more fun finding interesting images to shoot. We are currently going through all of our nature photos to make a collage for our bare basic white wall in our living room. This one has been one of my favorites so far even though it's not quite as colorful as some of the other photos we have taken at various state parks and local forest preserves.

I love the colors in this one! We have networked our new laptop with the X-box 360 and have been able to view all of our photos on our tv. Wow, what a huge difference! The clarity and colors are so much better that we like to leave them on slideshow and just watch that for hours. Yes, we're weird. LOL.

There were tons of these at the zoo that had little tiny white flowers on them; however, this one was void of all it's flowers. I thought it a very interesting speciman and couldn't resist capturing it forever in my mind and heart.

I hope you enjoy these images as much as I do. Happy Earth Day!


Kala Pohl Studio said...

Love your photos, thank you for sharing them:)

Katie said...

Beautiful photos! Happy Earth Day~

SleightGirl said...

Wow! Great photos!

JillHannah said...

Yay Brookfield Zoo! I love that place. My brother did the thing where you feed the penguins. It was pretty fabulous.

Great photos!

JoMo said...

Fantastic shots! You have a great eye!

Christine said...

Gorgeous photos!

I have an addiction to taking nature photos too.

The last photo of the flower is a Queen Anne's Lace flower. I have a photo of a Queen Anne's Lace flower shaped like that in my photo collection too. When it's shaped like that it reminds me of a bird's nest.

On the nature trail where I live, I take many photos and bike rides and have various photos of Queen Anne's Lace flowers at various stages of growth. They are so pretty when their tiny white tips bloom. I'll probably post some of them in my blog sometime.

Cherry Tart Design said...

Oooh thank you Christine! I had no idea what kind of flower it was, I just knew that I liked it. LOL. It reminded me of a bird's nest as well!

Journey of Love Designs said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog! beautiful photos! I'm going to our local botanical garden this weekend. i hope to get some pretty photos!

DolceBaci said...

Great photos!

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