Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Labels and Stickers For Your Business

If you have ever tried to make your own labels using the templates provided in Microsoft Word, you know that this seemingly easy task can easily become daunting. Sure it's simple to add the text, but adding graphics can cause you to want to rip out your hair and throw your computer accross the room! The reason for that is, Microsoft Word is great for creating documents, it is not a graphics program. If you are lucky enough to own Publisher, this task is slightly easier, but let's face it, these programs are expensive and not always user friendly.
We are now offering individual graphic design options in our shop. You can now purchase these items without having to purchase a package or banner set. We do all the work, you print!


Mendy said...

That is a great service! Cute labels, too!

Rhody's said...

I love your blog!!!! Your banner is sooooo cute! I'm following you now! I love seeing everyone's blog!

Aimie Hudson said...

Custom stickers are often neglected by promoters, but the smartest business owners know that business identification decals are actually some of the most highly effective marketing resources on the earth.

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